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Services for Merchants and Consumers:

  • Make- and Receive Online payments
  • Buy and Sell Coins directly
  • Support the environment by accepting Carboncoin
  • 24x7 operational support for customers
  • Pay out in currency of choice
  • T-Zero instant payment technology

Your advantages with Carbonshopper:

  • Fully functional online wallet
  • Best possible exchange rates
  • Full support for Carboncoin
  • Real time balance sheet and dashboard
  • Full REAPI Support for your site and application
  • Personal Data encryption for high anonymity function
  • Remote wallet
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Wallet Services

Online Wallet
0.5% to fiat
We manage your key
Unlimited Transactions
All services
Fully Insured
Remote wallet
0.5% to fiat
You manage the key
All services
Partnership option
All Carboncoin

Interesting topics

Carboncoin Launched

The new blog will allow us to update you with news, stories, picture sliders and video. It is an additional attribute to bring the community together.


Shopify with Crypto Currency Checkout. Setup a Shopify Storefront in under 3.5 minutes.

DISCLAIMER: The Youtube movie is only for showcasing purposes. We do not sell any of the products, but our dopecoin customer is in this case.

ECWID integration

ECWID is a easy to use ECommerce shopping cart, since 01-08-2014 we support ECWID with our crypto payment services.